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The Infinity Squad has provided a fun and engaging opportunity for my daughter to connect with older students while working on her math skills outside of school hours. Through these math activities and the playing of games with her student partner, she has gained confidence and demonstrated improvement in several math content areas. Ms. Keyes is an outstanding facilitator who works tirelessly to create a successful program that is connected to grade-level math curriculum and keeps parents informed along the way!

Jackie H.


Infinity Squad allows me to grow more as a student, teacher, and leader through the opportunities and experiences I gain, all through this program. These unforgettable experiences helps me to feel joy and happiness every week due to many reasons ranging from helping my mentee grow as a mathematician alongside me to helping this amazing program expand more in our state so that more students, young or old, can participate and join our amazing community.

Sooahn L.


I have a lot of fun at Infinity Squad. We get to play math games with teenagers! It makes me happy.

Second Grader

The Infinity Squad has been one of the most memorable experiences for our 2nd graders. Learning about math in the context of developing a friendship with a committed high school mentor is key to this program’s immense success at Schofield.

Gerardo M.

Principal, Schofield Elementary School