Infinity Squad

The Infinity Squad is a math mentorship program between high school and elementary school students. The program is designed to pair high school students with elementary school students to meet on a regular basis during the school year and develop both interpersonal relationships and an affinity for and enjoyment in math. It is designed to run at a local elementary school, after school, for 20 weeks during the school year from around October until April. To find out how to bring a Squad to your community, email

Due to the COVID pandemic, we have adjusted the original programming to go virtual. High school students meet virtually once/week for 30 minutes with their mentees to connect, play math games, and go over math homework.
 You can read more about how Infinity Squad has adjusted here!

Larry and Pia!

Inkyoung and Sareen!

High School Students

The expectations are that each high school student will attend training prior to the squad’s launch and commit to volunteer for an hour every other week to work with the elementary school buddy. The high school students will be broken into two teams and rotate weeks to attend the “squad” meetings. This is designed to provide a team based approach as well as back-up plan if a high school student can’t make it one week. They are responsible for contacting their teammate to see if they can swap a date for them.

The goal is to provide an engaging way for the high school students to give back to their community as well as gain unique and valuable leadership experience. To find out how you can launch your own squad, contact

Elementary School Students

Each elementary school student will have 2 high school mentors that they will get to know throughout the year.  The high school students will provide positive role models and relationships for the elementary students. 

The goal is to provide elementary students a fun and interactive way to work with high school students and give a positive perspective on engaging with math concepts.